Dr Paynt: Golden Acrylics


Golden Acrylics is a guide to Golden acrylic paints, what’s available, properties, and suggestions for use. Evan Woodruffe is a respected authority on artists’ materials, who teaches on materials & techniques throughout New Zealand.

In this guide Evan introduces Acrylic Colour, Additives, Mediums & Gels, Pastes, Golden Artist Colors, Gessos & Grounds, Mica, Acrylic Skins, Digital Mix Media, and Varnishes by Golden. If you’re new to the medium of acrylic, this guide is for you.

Length: 16 pages
Format: PDF Download
Author: Evan Woodruffe

Please note: this is a digital PDF download. After purchasing you will receive a download link, which you are then able to view on your device or to print.

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