Yona Lee | Turn of Phrase

Opening Wednesday August 23 at 6pm
Exhibition runs from Wednesday August 23 to Saturday September 23, 2017
Bowerbank Ninow, Auckland

Fabricated from the unassuming materials of commercial shop fitting and industrial design—MDF board and powder-coated steel—the works in Turn of Phrase speak the language of the almost-invisible structures that dictate our experience of public space. The immediate precursors to this exhibition are Triptych (2015) and Line on Display (2016), shown at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery’s Rear Window space and West Space in Melbourne, respectively. Like Turn of Phrase, both exhibitions contain interchangeable, moveable elements designed to mimic the slat-and-hook hanging systems used in many shops and window displays, but re-contextualised as the basis for rhythmic explorations of line and form. Their logic of customisability and modularity invites us to consider them as the products of a design process, elements of a carefully worked-out and optimised system—but one whose outcomes are, ultimately, part of the discourse of art.

Bowerbank Ninow

Date(s) - 23/08/2017 - 23/09/2017
All Day