Tom Dale workshop | Translation is a traitor and your friend

Tuesday November 21, 10am-5pm & Wednesday November 22, 1pm-5pm
Massey University, Wellington

Register with Lauren Redican spaces available, registration essential

Two day intensive workshop with British contemporary artist Tom Dale

What happens when you take footage of a performance or an event and start to edit it?
What is lost and gained by squeezing the world into the confines of a frame or laying it down on a time-line? At first glance, it appears to be quite a straightforward process with accepted parameters, however in this workshop with renown international artist in residence Tom Dale, we will look at what aspects of your work can be amplified, simply by considering what to exclude.
During the workshop you will focus upon the importance of editing, sound design and voice. You’ll have the chance to workshop your own footage while being guided by Tom and his extensive experience of film making. This workshop will focus on creative solutions and ways to challenge your own practice.
Tom Dale is a London-based artist whose grandiose sculptures, videos and installations explore the absurd and preposterous aspects of society.
Dale works across a number of disciplines and defines himself simply as an artist that doesn’t paint. His large scale sculptures, digital images and films all play a part in a practice that is as reflective as it is reactive. Known at different times though out his career for cutting the leaves of a plants into squares, shooting drum kits, or making giant inflatable leather castles, he is an artist that delights in confounding the ways in which we make meaning, as much as he does our expectations.

Image: courtesy of Massey University

Date(s) - 21/11/2017 - 22/11/2017
All Day