The River Remains; ake tonu atu

Artspace, Auckland

Artspace NZ is pleased to present The River Remains; ake tonu atu, this years iteration of the New Artist Show: Tyson Campbell, Wai Ching Chan, Faamele Eutale, Olyvia Hong, Bronte Perry.

The exhibition is conceptualised as a durational “event,” one that reframes ways of thinking and being for the artists, the institution and the audience alike. For the five artists the exhibition speaks to the process of rhizomatic creative exchanges central to the dialogues around the production of the exhibition. The necessity of dialogue to navigate both aesthetics and the social circumstances around exhibition is a central tenet for each artist in the show. The process emphasizes the notion of walking backwards into the future. The sight of what the exhibition is will be understood in retrospect.

The whakatauki, Ka mua, ka muri, aptly describes the practices by each artist alluding to the significance of indigeneity for their practices and in framing institutional dialogues. They are each examining where they have come from, what they have decided to bring with them to Artspace NZ, what priorities are paramount. In their hands, the gallery has, for the minute, been stripped of its primary function to present the outcomes of art practices and aesthetic research. Artspace NZ is now the site for the production of a series of ethical dialogues by the artists and curators who are together concerned with the aesthetic, the social, the economic and political realities of art production. The outcomes of these elliptical and vital conversations address questions toward art as a contemporary practice embedded complex, networked systems.

The artists speak of holding the institution “to ransom” in order to engage with and imagine ways to re-formulate these embedded practices. To this extent, the gallery is now a laboratory for these artists. The collective imagining of a variety of means to place the value and importance of the ‘social’ is at the forefront of this project ahead of any indexical aesthetic register or consideration of the commodity value of art.



Date(s) - 15/09/2018 - 13/10/2018
All Day