The Australian Jewellery Trio | Remain

Opening event Wednesday April 11, from 5pm

Potocki Paterson Art Gallery, Wellington 
Remain is a series of works by three Australian artists who share an interest in jewellery, unusual material, and even more unusual processes. Each artist has a meticulous method of manipulating material, but then surrenders to process in the completion of the works.  Eggplant, wire and wood are dehydrated, rusted and burnt.  What is left, what will, remain, is accepted and is embraced.

“We chose Remain as the title of our show to highlight an aspect of our practice where we leave a large portion of outcomes up to the given process specific to each of our systems of making” explains Thomas from Canberra, “from dehydrating eggplant, or letting rust bleed colour into the pieces, to using fire to shape wood, all of us relinquish control of part of our process to leave the final result, the final touch, out of our control.”

Ruby, based in Melbourne, makes structures of fresh eggplant and mild steel that is then put into an oven to dehydrate. The dehydration shrinks and wrinkles the eggplant which in turn grabs the steel to bond and unite her structures.

Cara, based in Victoria’s South-West, makes delicate compositions of wire and paper imbued with the fragile qualities of the landscapes in which she works.  The pieces are left to change over time, reflecting the cyclic rhythms of nature, the wire rusting and leeching colour into the paper, slowly shifting, just as leaves do as they return to the ground.

Thomas uses machines to cut wood that predictably cut straight lines and flat surfaces.  He then uses fire to burn and erode the wood into more natural organic shapes that expose the grain and character of the wood.

Ruby, Cara and Thomas, having worked on previous projects together, have come together once more to present very tactile, irregular, intricate and textural pieces. This time however working only in the medium of neckpieces, exploring the continuous, repetitive articulation of pieces and their hanging form.

Based in Australia, all three artists met and studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and all three have either completed or are currently engaged in postgraduate research.

Date(s) - 09/04/2018 - 14/04/2018
All Day