Stanley Palmer | Chart of Aotearoa

Opening event Thursday April 26, from 5.30pm

Melanie Roger Gallery, Auckland

A new series of paintings by STANLEY PALMER that explores and revisits favourite locations around New Zealand – from Otago Peninsula and Karamea in the South Island; to Rangitikei and Great Barrier Island in the North Island, these are quintessentially New Zealand places captured by one of our most admired landscape artists.

More than simply a depiction of place and topography, Stanley’s landscapes attempt to touch something far deeper. Through his work he asserts the potency of the New Zealand landscape as a metaphor for ourselves, allowing it to ‘reflect our own experiences and perceptions, as well as the inherent fragility and isolation of living in a country surrounded by a vast ocean’ (Isabel Haarhaus, The North Shore Years, 2004)

Date(s) - 26/04/2018 - 19/05/2018
All Day