Simon Morris | Jan van der Ploeg

Opening event Thursday April 26, from 6pm

Two Rooms, Auckland

Simon Morris |  I Watch The Falling Light

Simon Morris brings a fresh material approach to his new exhibition, I watch the falling light, working on tall timber panels – coated with yellow ochre, sienna, umber, Naples yellow – muted colours often associated with the ground and sky. The palette is drawn from the artist’s recent experiences of walking in natural environments and looking toward the horizon. These processes of walking, watching, and working demonstrate Morris’ interest in self-awareness: a feeling of consciousness arising from a walk in the wilderness as much as from the slow, reflective act of painting. As we find ourselves tracing the slow retreat of Summer – visible in the ever-shifting colour and appearance of our surroundings – Morris foregrounds this experience in his work. The new monochrome wood panels are complemented by meditative, time-intensive wall paintings which create harmonies and resonances across gallery walls. Similarly, the viewer is invited to watch the falling light shimmer across these surfaces, to slow down and take time.

Jan van der Ploeg | Lyrics

Jan van der Ploeg’s vibrant new exhibition, Lyrics, playfully provokes viewers with a musical analogy for his paintings. The exhibition title further evokes the term ‘lyricism’, more commonly associated with biomorphic abstraction than the cool, hard-edged forms of its geometric counterpart. Yet his precision works hum with dynamic energy and colourful expression. For some, these new compositions may resemble musical notation. Van der Ploeg’s paintings are at once self-referential and point to the world beyond themselves with a sense of both the familiar and unfamiliar. Van der Ploeg is based in Amsterdam and exhibits extensively in an international dialogue. Fresh from recent projects in New York, Beijing, Germany, UK, Sydney, and Wellington, Van der Ploeg’s practice continually tests and reworks the language of abstraction. One might posit he constantly conjures up new words to accompany a given song sheet, innovating fresh propositions both cerebral and celebratory.

Two Rooms

Date(s) - 26/04/2018 - 26/05/2018
All Day