Screening and Artist Talk | A Condition of Housing with Dieneke Jansen

Monday April 24, 2017 at 6pm
The Physics Room, Christchurch

As a supporting member of the Auckland Tāmaki Housing Group, Dieneke Jansen works to witness and to support the resistance to the dismantling of State Housing. In Aotearoa, State Housing is an important part of a collective historical passion for social justice and equality. The dismantling of this reality and its symbolism is the focus of an expanding art project for Jansen. As a guest resident of The Physics Room, she hopes to develop connections with state housing tenants in Christchurch’s areas of Bryndwr, Shirley and Riccarton who are building a resistance to the sale of state housing. Jansen aims to expand the potentialities of art to sustain tensions between artistic and social critiques; to enable spaces for listening.

The screening of video works by the Accompany Collective and Dieneke Jansen will include counter-narratives, and quieter murmurs that are entwined with the daily activism in Glen Innes, Tāmaki Makaurau. A full list of the works to be screened is available here.

The Physics Room

Date(s) - 24/04/2017
6:00 pm