Sarah Callesen and Shelley Simpson | The Entities

Opening event Wednesday July 4, from 6pm

RM, Auckland

Our experience of the world around us is often mediated by technology, which has contributed to the idea that humans are separate from nature. In The Entities, artists Sarah Callesen and Shelley Simpson use visual and audio recordings to construct a ‘natural’ world, exploring relationships between human and non-human, natural and artificial, culture and nature. All recording is subjective, mediated by both humans and technologies used in the process. The Entities considers the role of each player within the communication system, where each offers its own affect.

Shelley Simpson has created photographs of forest floor worlds in the temperate bush of Rakiura, Stewart Island – an intense, remote environment mostly devoid of human activity. The images are presented as a two-channel video work scaled up to an immersive size. Subtle animation augments the imagery, bringing attention to the sense of process, of visibility, of observer and of mediation.

In response to the macro imagery, Sarah Callesen presents an accompanying four-channel audio work that considers change in sound at a qualitative scale, rather than in loudness. The artist also explores the use of artificial sounds in natural history film, combining designed planet atmospheres and other constructed sounds sourced from stock libraries with manipulated field recordings taken by both artists.

Public Programme
Saturday July 14, 3pm.
A selection of films from Jean Painlevé’s Science is Fiction, followed by a discussion with the artists.

RM Gallery and Project Space
Samoa House Lane
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Date(s) - 04/07/2018 - 21/07/2018
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