Salt of the Earth | Melissa Macleod

Opening Tuesday December 5, 5.30pm
Project runs from Tuesday December 5 to Monday December 18, 2017
The Physics Room, Christchurch

Salt of the Earth is a major new temporary public artwork by New Brighton-based artist Melissa Macleod. The monumental sand sculpture will symbolically and materially link the east side of Christchurch to the central city. This latest work is an ambitious continuation of Macleod’s practice, which has engaged with the coastal areas of Christchurch, particularly the environmental and social challenges faced by these communities, for a number of years.

Salt of the Earth takes place in the Christchurch Residential Redzone with the permission of Land Information New Zealand. The redzone could be considered a liminal–or inbetween– space that buffers the central city from the eastern suburbs. By creating a giant sand wedge, evocative of a doorstop, the intersection of Linwood Avenue, Woodham Road, and Avonside Drive will be prised open. Literally bringing parts of the coast inland, Macleod will physically shift the experience of sand into another part of the city. In this area sand becomes a loaded material, especially considering the liquefaction that engulfed roads and properties across the eastern suburbs during the February 2011 earthquake.

It is highly likely that due to environmental and human impact Salt of the Earthwill have a very short lifespan. Reflecting the uncertain post-quake situation in the east side of Christchurch, we acknowledge the potential disintegration of the work and hope that it speaks to the strength and fragility of a community that is both determined and “trodden under foot”. Read more

Image: New Brighton beach.

The Physics Room

Date(s) - 05/12/2017 - 18/12/2017
All Day