Request for Proposal | Wellington Museum

Applications due Friday February 16

Sufferage125 Contemporary Artwork at the Wellington Museum

Wellington Museum plans to acknowledge the 125th anniversary of Suffrage in a contemporary, thought-provoking, awareness raising and creative fashion! As such, Wellington Museum is commissioning an artwork to hang in the historic Board Room; a strong statement and juxtaposition to what is currently a very male dominated space. Although the Wellington Museum is open to medium, textile works will be strong contenders given the historic banners women have created together to promote their causes (think Suffrage or 1913 Waterfront Dispute).

Although Suffage125 celebrates an historical event, Wellington Museum would like to leap forward in time and
look at political, social and/or economic factors affecting women today. Broadly speaking, we would like the artwork to address this question: in 2018, have women achieved equality? The Museum would like this artwork to be political in nature and challenge people to think about women’s equality today, with the intention it starts conversations and influences public programming. Ideally they envision the artwork to be either a community, collective or collaborative project to enable the audience to gain a wider perspective on issues facing women today.

This is an exciting opportunity to have your artwork on display at Wellington Museum and for
it to potentially become part of the Museums Wellington collection.

To apply, download the pdf for more information here


Date(s) - 01/02/2018 - 16/02/2018
All Day