Preformance | Uncertainty Principle: Utopic Congestion

Saturday April 22, 2017 at 10am-3pm
The Physics Room, Christchurch

Live performance (in consultation with Shaun Hendy, physicist)

Uncertainty Principle is a live performance by Mark Harvey in which he will explore promises of utopia in a post-disaster urban location. Reflecting on the material manifestations of politically authoritative town mapping, Harvey will ask what it might mean to explore the evolving urban landscape around The Physics Room. Engaging with notions of menial labour, surplus labour and the promises of productivity under the current political status quo, Harvey will also ask how can we deal with a post-petrol, post-lithium, post-job future in our cities, namely Christchurch?

Shaun Hendy imagines a Christchurch that is redesigned to draw on our knowledge of nature. He proposes that it is designed organically, with fractal hierarchies of structure and space, like a mature forest, providing niches for the new, the old, moreover, the unexpected.

This performance is also a reflection on Reuben Moss’s exhibition Monuments and Other Reminders, and is the second instalment of Harvey’s ongoing series Nonlocality at The Physics Room. See more.

The Physics Room

Date(s) - 22/04/2017
10:00 am - 3:30 pm