Pippy McClenaghan | Freshly Cut

Opening event Thursday March 29, from 6pm

play_station, Wellington

One hundred 1/10000 acre plots available.
Multi plot purchases viable!
Choose your section(s) location. We cut fresh on
the spot! Walk away with your very own plot of land! 

Asking price: $20 per plot.

Due to a huge increase in population and higher housing demands, the New Zealand government has altered certain zoning policies in selected areas.
The Public Works Act provides the Crown and listed authorities to acquire private land under compulsory purchase for public works.
With the continuation of urban sprawl, the demand for commuter highways continues to extend and carve newer and faster routes through the natural terrain.

Watch the land be cut up before you, choose your piece, feel pleased with your purchase and know that, at any time, it could be taken from you.


Sponsored by BOOM BURGER
Poster design by Milan de Maule


Date(s) - 29/03/2018 - 14/04/2018
All Day