Phil Dadson | Elemental

Opening event Sunday February 11 from 4pm

Trish Clark, Auckland 

Trish Clark Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition by Phil Dadson since 2015, as a complement to From Scratch: 546 Moons presented at Te Uru, Titirangi, as part of Auckland Festival 2018.

Phil Dadson has been pushing the boundaries of sound and intermedia art in New Zealand since the 70s. His highly inventive transdisciplinary approach to making art includes solo performances and exhibitions, building experimental musical instruments and sonic objects, video / sound installation, music composition, graphic scores, drawing, sound sculptures and improvisations with invented instruments. Video has been a constant passion for Dadson, as much for its ability to synergistically combine image and sound as for its unique physicality.

A central focus of Elemental will be Dadson’s long-duration performative work, which sees Dadson create a visual score on each day of a month, sequential months each successive year for a twelve year period. Adding to January Music (2014), February Music (2015), and March Music (2016), the 2018 exhibition Elemental will for the first time present April Music (2017). True to the exploratory nature of Dadson’s practise, each month’s drawings from the first three years were produced using different medium and techniques, lending each month its own very distinct personality. The daily drawings from the summer months of January were created using ink and the wind. The daily drawings from the numeral-dominated month of February, with its shift from 28 to 29 days every four years, were created by utilising the strong graphic contrast of light-reflective graphite on matte-black-painted heavy paper. March’s drawings were created using fire and smoke, referencing Mars, the god of war, as well as the fiery nature of these islands we inhabit. April Music for the first time is made with daily filming, referencing a landscape both abstracted and emblematic.

Date(s) - 11/02/2018 - 24/03/2018
All Day