Perfume Playground Four Seasons Fragrance Series 2018 | Workshop

Event Saturday August 25, from 10.30am

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Perfume Playground hosts intimate workshops with the Auckland Art Gallery where you create a signature scent for the seasons. Come explore a Speciality Scent Lab full of top, middle and base notes. We’ve a number of native botanicals and natural aromatic isolates. Be inspired by ingredients that are ethically sourced and the highest quality in the world – you’ll feel the difference.No synthetics, parabens, glycols or petrochemicals. Organic alcohol is provided along with all perfumery equipment.

The host, Samantha Copland is trained by world renowned alchemist Mandy Aftel. Holding a science degree in Pharmacology and Psychology, certified in flower essences, aromatherapy, plant shamanism and Ronga Maori Medicine both the art and science of perfumery is covered.

With a musical and science background, we match fragrance families into each season and share knowledge of perfumery while also allowing each person creative freedom to design their own signature scent.

A hero aromatic is surrounded by your choice of essences. In Autumn, create an amber scent, think rich terracotta colours, with layers of woody, fruity, citrus, earthy or floral alchemy. Once you’ve selected essences that suit your seasonal preferences you’ll design and bottle your unique Natural Fragrance.

If you’re looking for technical knowledge about perfume-design this is for you, it’s your perfect blend of Scent, Soul & Science. You’ll learn about seasonal ingredients, the language of perfumery and how to develop a perfume accord.

Enjoy a chocolate and tea tasting before the sensory journey begins. Not only a remarkable Sensory Experience, but your own perfumed creation to take home.

See you there!

Date(s) - 25/08/2018
All Day