Paul Dibble | The Poignancy of Absence

Opening event Tuesday October 2, from 5.00pm

Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland

Birds have long been associated by humans with the ethereal. Appearing globally in lore as omens and symbols, they act as airborne messengers traversing the corporeal and incorporeal worlds. Flowers too have historically been ascribed a symbolic meaning, regularly employed in art and literature to express a hidden narrative, or gifted as traditional expressions of love and loss. The metaphorical significance of the two might seem tethered to the past – yet our contemporary world abounds with birds and flowers used as emblems for cultures, countries, and companies. But what happens when we lose the icon itself? The Poignancy of Absence, Paul Dibble’s exhibition of new sculptures, considers the impact of extinction on our cultural ecosystem, and presents a eulogy to New Zealand’s own lost fauna.

Image: Paul Dibble, A Dialogue of Two Birds, 2018

Date(s) - 02/10/2018 - 19/10/2018
All Day