Paul² | Dissimulation 2.0

Opening Friday August 10, from 6.00pm

play_station, Wellington 

Tasmanian visual artists Paul² bring their upside down world of installation, sculpture and large scale imagery to Wellington for their international debut exhibition, Dissimulation 2.0.

Dissimulation 2.0 is a new site specific work that lifts colour, shape and scale directly from Playstation ARI’s yellow room and environment; playing on techniques of abstraction to create an immersive space.

Paul Squared is a collaborative project with award-winning sculptor Paul Murphy, and visual artist Paul Eggins that fuses Murphy’s architectural skills with Eggin’s experience in street art and grafitti. Adopting concepts of camouflage through the use of shapes, structures, and colour, Eggins & Murphy aim to remove the audience members from their pre-conceived idea of the space it is installed within. Their exhibitions flip the space, creating undulating shapes and new notions of what gallery and architectural spaces can be, and do.

Dissimulation 2.0 will be completely modelled on found materials and sourced objects from Wellington, with Paul² thrilled by the opportunity and challenge to create something completely from scratch in a new country; neither of them have visited.


Date(s) - 10/08/2018 - 01/09/2018
All Day