Participatory Exhibition | Out of Control

Opening Friday June 1, from 5.30pm

Depot Artspace, Auckland

Depot Artspace has invited the community to contribute photographs for our special participatory exhibition, Out of Control to celebrate the 2018 Auckland Festival of Photography.

The theme for this year’s Auckland Photography Festival is Control.

Out of Control is the Depot’s photographic response to a world over-burdened by imperatives which cause us to conform in a multiplicity of demeaning and debilitating ways.

In this increasingly structured and regulated world, we have come to regard control as inescapable, even desirable. The concept of being ‘out of control’ is often fraught with images that threaten an order preferable to unknown alternatives. Opportunities to liberate the creative side of ourselves are rare; even in the gallery, the crucible of creativity; exhibitions require themes, conditions and standards.

Out of Control is an exhibition of photographic works, exploring the concept of control and the art that is produced when restrictions fall away and creative freedom reigns.

Prepare to be surprised, delighted, challenged, amused and moved.

The only limit is your imagination.

Liberation Word Wall

Given that the arts are a final bastion of freedom we have decided to employ the written word as well, to assist us in liberating our lives.

We invite you to tell us what freedom means to you or how it would manifest itself in the world.  Visit the Depot between June 1 and June 20 and write a message to post on our Liberation Word Wall. Or, you may choose an alternative way to communicate your message.

Out of Control is part of the Auckland Festival of Photography 2018 programme

Depot Artspace

Date(s) - 01/06/2018 - 20/06/2018
All Day