O le Malaga | Ana Teofilo

Friday November 3 to Saturday December 9, 2017
Nathan Homestead Gallery, Manuwera

O le Malaga refers to the notion of a journey, in this case, both a personal and a collective journey.

The artworks in the exhibition are from Teofilo’s practice over the past few years and are based around her heritage and Fa’a Samoa. Both Christianity and ‘aiga/family are central to Fa’a Samoa. Her large circular paintings represent her grandfather, the smaller ones relate to her current state of carrying a child.

Using this tondo, or circular format brings to the foreground Teofilo’s circle of life and family relationships. For Teofilo, Samoan music, carving and tatau also influence her paintings. Strong colour, patterning, texture and her signature dots cue cultural meanings and ancestry.

Image: Ana Teofilo, Pacific Merge (detail), 2016

Nathan Homestead

Date(s) - 03/11/2017 - 09/12/2017
All Day