NSA Members’ Summer Exhibition

Tuesday December 19 to Sunday December 31, 2017
Reyburn House Art Gallery, Whangarei

The Northland Society of Arts, annual Summer Exhibition is an opportunity for individual members to display their artwork. Members choose their own subject matter and medium, whether that be painting, sculpture, glass work, wood work, handmade jewellery, pottery, whatever they chose. The only restriction, because of numbers, is one entry per artist, which may be replaced if sold during the exhibition. A standard fee of $10 per entry applies, and only current NSA Members may exhibit.

It is a great opportunity for members to  exhibit their special art work,  to branch out and exhibit something new and to receive public feedback. It is also a great way to participate in the Society to which they belong.

Image: Helen Battrick, courtesy of Creative Northland

Date(s) - 19/12/2017 - 31/12/2017
All Day