Nimble Web Workshops

Artists Alliance is thrilled to be partnering with Shelley Simpson to present Nimble Web Workshops.

Learn how to create and update your own creative portfolio website in a supportive, low stress, small group environment.

The short story:

What/Who:        Nimble web workshops with Shelley Simpson

When: (select one)  

Group One: Saturday June 10th and Saturday June 17th, 10am – 1pm

Group Two: Saturday July 22nd and Saturday July 29th, 10am – 1pm

Where: Studio One Toi Tu, 1 Ponsonby Road, Auckland

How much? $300

Additional costs:

  • domain name registration (this is your web address) is about $30 a year
  • website hosting varies widely but count on spending about $150 a year.

The Long Story:

Nimble workshops are aimed at creative people who need an online space to showcase work. If you are an artist, writer, video or film maker, musician or singer an online portfolio is a great way to show people what you do.

​Building a showcase website need not be difficult, expensive or time consuming.

Using cost effective services, good planning and guidance through the set up process, you will have a site up and running by the end of the two workshop sessions.

Best of all, you will have a website that you control. You will be able to add new pages, new images and new text yourself, using a very friendly, easy to use tool. Believe me, if you can send email or use Word, you can make yourself a website.

Nimble workshops are small which means that the tutor can give each participant plenty of individual attention.


Nimble workshops are held at Studio One, Toi Tu, 1 Ponsonby Rd, Auckland  over two sessions of three hours each.

When you register, you will receive a planning pack to help you get ready for the first session.

What is covered in the workshop?

When you register, you will receive a planning pack, which will take you through the process of preparing for the workshop. You can spend as long as you like on this part of the process, but remember ‘failing to plan is planning to fail!!’. But seriously, website making is SO much easier if you have done a little planning before you sit down to put it together. During the planning process you will think about who your audience is, what you want them to be able to do on your site, and how your site will let them do those things.

Session One (three hours)

  • quick overview of the how the Internet actually works and what websites really are
  • introduction to the various ways of making websites and why we are going to use the method that we are- WIX
  • overview of WIX, the advantages and possible pitfalls
  • reviewing our planning and making an initial Template choice
  • organising our content material and creating pages and menus

Homework: between Session One and Session Two you will have some homework. This will vary from person to person depending on where you are at with your planning! You may need to gather together images or write some text.

​Session Two (three hours)

  • review of homework achievements
  • creating image galleries
  • formatting text content (making it all look great)
  • organising your domain name
  • a little bit of Search Engine Optimisation

​By the end of Session Two, you will be able to have your site go LIVE. You may need to do a little more work on it in your own time, but our goal will be a functioning, great looking website that you can proudly put out there.


$300 workshop fee

Additional costs:

  • domain name registration (this is your web address) is about $30 a year
  • website hosting varies widely but count on spending about $150 a year.

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Date(s) - 17/06/2017 - 29/07/2017
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