Ngahuia Harrison | I huti a Manaia i te ika and his heart was broken

Opening Wednesday October 25, 5:30pm
Exhibition runs from Thursday October 26 to Saturday November 18, 2017
Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington

Through a series of moving image, sound and photographic works, Ngahuia Harrison’s exhibition I huti a Manaia i te ika and his heart was broken begins at the Marsden Point Oil Refinery at the mouth of the Whangarei Harbour (Northland, New Zealand).

Speaking to the historical and mythological significance of this site for the Ngātiwai people, the work references the people and the narratives of this area as the descendants of Manaia Tuatahi, the paramount ancestor of the Ngātiwai people. Considering both the past and future histories of the landscape, Harrison proposes that there are not just different ways of being in the world but that in fact what exists on the planet is a multiplicity of worlds—further questioning what we can learn from these perspectives. As indigenous knowledge is called upon internationally to offer guidance in the global environmental crisis, the hope remains that rather than being alienated from or dominating the environment, we can return to aco-dependence with the natural world.

Date(s) - 25/10/2017 - 18/11/2017
All Day