Monuments and Other Reminders | Reuben Moss

Opening Wednesday March 29, 2017 at 5:30pm
The Physics Room, Christchurch

Monuments and other reminders is a mini-retrospective of Portugal-based New
Zealand artist Reuben Moss. The exhibition includes works that span over ten years,
as well as a new three-channel video installation.

Moss works across a number of disciplines including installation, performance, and
digital media. His work is deeply concerned with the urban experience and the
systemic economic and political forces that govern how city-dwellers live day-today.
His work modifying and disrupting computer games and videos speaks back to
the top-down power structures that seem to be impenetrable or unchangeable in
contemporary society.

These actions of resistance are also present in his earlier ‘live’ works produced
when Moss lived in Dunedin between 2005-2010. The title of the
exhibition, Monuments and other reminders, has been drawn from a series of
sculptural interventions that utilised recycled playground equipment, the
documentation of which is shown here for the first time.

There is a dark and dry humour in Moss’ work that hinges on the failure of the
modernist idea of a progressive utopia – that the more we plan and work at
imposing our will on the world around us the worse things become. By cutting and
collaging historical artefacts of popular culture, Moss highlights the redundancy and
bittersweet obsolescence of both the content and the medium.

Monuments and other reminders is the first of two exhibitions of Moss’ work at The
Physics Room in 2017. The second exhibition will occur in December and consist of
new work made in New Zealand. In the lead-up to this exhibition, Moss will travel to
Christchurch to occupy The Physics Room’s residency space.

Reuben Moss (1985) lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal. Recent exhibitions
include, The Hive Hums With Many Minds Part Two, Te Tuhi (group) 2016, Erre que
Erre que Erre que Erre, C/ Encarnación González 8, Madrid (group), 2016, Arte y
Propaganda Libertaria, C/ Encarnación González 8, Madrid (group) 2015, 5×5
Catello, Espai d’art contemporani de Castelló (group), 2013, Arte Útil 1, Off Limits,
Madrid, (group), 2011.

Image: Still from ‘The Existential Crisis of the Individual in the Postmodern City’ from Trilogy, 2011 – 2017

The Physics Room

Date(s) - 29/03/2017 - 30/04/2017
All Day