Matthew Browne | Sonder

Opening Tuesday November 7, 5-7pm
Artist talk Saturday November 18, 1pm
Exhibition runs from Tuesday November 7 to Saturday December 2, 2017
OREXART, Auckland

The abstract forms in Matthew Browne’s paintings have always sidestepped definition, but at the same time they do communicate across shared memories or sensations. We recognise in them something special, something communal, and yet there is the artist’s singularity of purpose. One imagines that if the forms shifted just slightly one way or the other, one could pin down that sense of shared recognition teasingly anchored out of reach. Sonder paintings are thoughtful deliberations on colour, form, and the spaces between. Each form appears complete, placed on the canvas with precision and a lack of hesitancy. But Browne isn’t looking for simple responses; he recognises his own autonomy, and how difficult it is to communicate, without reaching consensus.


Date(s) - 07/11/2017 - 02/12/2017
All Day