Land Girls and Lifesavers

Friday August 11 to Tuesday August 29, 2017
Yvonne Rust Gallery, Quarry Arts Centre, Whangarei

The Yvonne Rust Gallery at the Quarry Arts Centre will be exhibiting Land girls and Lifesavers, from 11 August through until 29 August by Sally Spicer. Spicer has created paintings and prints that observe the varied lives and contributions of New Zealand women during World War II.

Some of the works show women who went to war: as nurses, and naval officers. However, the continuation of daily life has received the larger part of Sally’s attention, as she venerates the smaller moments in these women’s lives, as mothers, friends and wives. There are the women who fulfilled roles vacated by men; such as the so called “land girls” who worked on farms, and the volunteer surf lifesavers. The mundane, the challenging, and the joyful moments are treated with equal respect.

Date(s) - 11/08/2017 - 29/08/2017
All Day