Kyoko Imazu: Secret Stories | John Callaghan: New Papercuts

Opening Wednesday 9 August, 5.30pm

Exhibitions run from 9 August to 9 September

Kyoko Imazu: Secret Stories In this exhibition, I focus on my memories from childhood where I often drew strange creatures, animals and humans for my mother. I used them to tell my ‘Secret Stories’ on themes such as life, death, regeneration as well as belonging and alienation.
I think about how we construct stories from our memories of people and places and the way our sense of identity and memory are intertwined.
Alongside the papercuts on exhibition Kyoko will feature a projected animation project Omagatoki inspired by Japanese and Soviet folklaw. Commissioned by the Australian Print Workshop, Kyoko and her collaborative artists Olga and Vira Ishchuk explore through paper puppets the stories told to them during their chidlhood.

John Callaghan: New Papercuts Proverbs make good papercut subjects. They’re amusing, curious and wise. The images are simple and the accompanying type suits the medium, providing interesting shapes and complexity to the image. I first discovered papercuts in London in the early 90’s when I bought a book on the intricate work of two 19th Century men – one a shepherd and the other a postman. I later found papercuts exist in many cultures including Chinese, Polish and Jewish. All my works are cut from a single sheet of hand-coloured paper, with extra colour applied by stencil after the cutting is completed. Cutting is done by hand with a scalpel or small chisels and gouges.

Solander Gallery

Date(s) - 09/08/2017 - 09/09/2017
12:00 am