Jordana Bragg | Bursting Through

Window Gallery, Te Kōputu a te whanga a Toi – Whakatāne Library and Exhibition Centre

Bursting Through” is aptly titled. After spending three days in studio considering the production of new work, “Bursting Through” was activated by a preoccupation with light streaming in through the windows of the residency site, the experience of catching a 12-seater charter plane, setting out to sea on a boat in two-meter swells and witnessing an active volcano for the first time. Each experience resulted in a love poem, which overlays video documentation of each day on residency. Bursting Through is a new audio-visual work created by Bragg during their recent participation in the Volcanic Artist Residency.

Image: Video Still 4, Bursting Through, Jordana Bragg, Audio Visual (2018)

Date(s) - 16/08/2018 - 16/09/2018
All Day