Janette Cervin | What Lies Beneath

Opening event Friday 2 February from 5pm

Gallery Thirty Three, Wanaka 

Janette Cervin completed her Masters in Visual Communication at Unitec, Auckland in 2013. Janette works from home in her studio in Warkworth and is represented by The Vivian Gallery, Matakana and gallery thirty three in Wanaka.

Cervin released a statement regarding her work below

This series of paintings, ‘What Lies Beneath’, is intended to provoke a more imaginative state, a state of surrealism where things that should not make sense, appear to do so. Native and introduced flora and fauna co-exist within a fantastical space. I aim to create a transcendent, translucent, painterly world that I can share; a weaving of the past and present.

As an adoption of 16th century Vanitas themes in a 21st century discourse, the use of flora and fauna as a motif stands as an emblem of the transience of life and the ephemeral nature of objects in a society driven by the perpetual cycle of production and consumption. As the Still Life Vanitas painters of the 16th century included flowers from different seasons in the one vase, my work contains images of flora and fauna from different environments in the one painting. The highly-polished, reflective surface is also a reference to the vanity and opulence of the 16th century.

From a 21st century perspective, the images of endangered birds and plants also reference the notion of contemporary, consumer society pushing native flora and fauna out of their natural existence.

‘What Lies Beneath’ has become more process driven with the removal and application of paint between multiple layers of resin which aims to draw the viewer into and around the painting. Aesthetic decisions are made during the making process rather than following any preconceived ideas. Each layer of painting stands alone until it is preserved behind a layer of resin, safeguarding and protecting the subject matter in a moment of time

Date(s) - 02/02/2018 - 23/02/2018
All Day