Ipu ki uta, ihu ki tai: ST PAUL St Symposium 2017

Dr Carl Te Hira Mika
Thursday August 17 2017, at 5.30pm
WA224 Conference Centre, AUT University, 55 Wellesley Street, Auckland

Friday August 18 to Saturday August 19, 2017
Makaurau Marae, 8 Ruaiti Road, Māngere
$60 Waged, $30 Unwaged
* To attend the wānanga, you must also attend the keynote lecture. If the cost is a barrier to your attending the wānanga, please get in touch with us at sgallery@aut.ac.nz

“The agenda of colonisation has been the constant presence of a philosophical colonisation between the self and things in the world, accomplished by educational practices which […] ideally suit the freezing of things in the world so that they yield information.”
Dr Carl Te Hira Mika

Knowledge is often associated with order: with structure, taxonomy, a system for what is able to be known. In this it aligns with a will to affirm the status quo, to translate difference, to make meaning tidy. This symposium looks for possibilities in resistance to this model. We ask: What does it mean to recognise that knowing can also be something physical, a state of being, collectively held rather than a solely intellectual or an individual experience? What does it mean to acknowledge the unknowable? Mystery and ‘Being’—how can they exist, even flourish, within institutional contexts where hegemonic knowledge is given preeminence?

We ask these questions specifically in relation to contemporary practices here in Aotearoa New Zealand, and alongside curators, artists and researchers who work from within fundamentally distinct cultural concepts of knowledge, while seeking to manaaki difference, and remain accountable to each other from within that difference. In this respect, the question around who produces and transmits knowledge is underpinned by another: How do ‘we’, as non-indigenous, Māori and Pākehā, as tangata whenua and tauiwi, navigate our respective positions in relation to each other, and with the recognition that the effects of colonisation are ongoing? As curator Emma Ng has written, “Our questions of cultural belonging are relational ones.”[1] Knowing is also, and always, about how we come to know each other.

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National Services Te Paerangi is pleased to support the ST PAUL St Gallery 2017 Symposium by offering travel subsidies up to a value of $300. Please apply directly to natserv@tepapa.govt.nz. Visit the Travel Subsidy Grant page for more information, qualifying criteria, and to download an application form.

Date(s) - 17/08/2017 - 19/08/2017
All Day