hela trol pis | magic eye; holographic drawings and book launch.

Opening event Tuesday April 6, from 6pm

Satchi&Satchi&Satchi, Auckland

ook ~ line ~ body ~ image ~*~*~*~*~

book is an object that modulates world. the going mythology/ideology tells u if u stare at it for long enough, the image of truth will appear.

reading consists of looking behind the external image to find the internal image.

the meaning is not in the text or picture but in the connection up of points/lines within the body. using the body as a passage between movements.the lines and lineages of the imagery of space and time are taken for granted and ignored and not played with. 

who created the imagery you identify your life with?

at what depth do you engage with the lines that tie you to identity?

engagement with art/image is alreay reading. engagement with world is reading. but submitting to an established meaning (word, form, system) is only reading to the extent that a dvd player reads a dvd. if it’s not holographic it’s not reading. the lines and patterns of the book intersect and merge with those of reality; 歩き方、喋り方など、

the body/subject opens up a window between book and reality. but the exten to which this is engaged with by book is too limited. book and body are overridden with the bureaucracies of communication or exchange or economy. so, its bs and the world could be a lot cooler.

holographic drawings combine traditional markmaking and experiential projectionmapping methods. the book combines gestures from divination and pick-a-path narrative devices.

Date(s) - 06/04/2018 - 30/04/2018
All Day