Heaven to Earth, Northland Under the Stars

Saturday September 23 to Saturday January 13, 2018
TeKōngahu Museum of Waitangi, Waitangi

A new exhibition will open at TeKōngahu Museum of Waitangi on Saturday 23rd September. Heaven to Earth, Northland Under the Stars, is an astrophotographic map of Northland through the eye of Kerikeri photographer Chris Pegman.

25 images will be on display, showcasing Northland at night, accompanied by 25 complementary smaller day images. Works include Astro Doggy (Matai Bay), Surfer at the Gates of Dawn (Matapia Rock, 90 Mile Beach), TaneMahuta Under the Stars and Watcher of the Skies (Rainbow Warrior Memorial).

Chris Pegman says: “Some people see bugs and details. I’m wired such that I’m always turning my head side to side (at least 180 degrees) onsite contemplating panoramas. I feel in awe of the scene before me and I yearn to capture the emotion along with the hugeness of it. I’m so often aware when in front of a landscape or a night sky that there’s more to life than just this Earth. It’s my hope that viewers see that from many of my images. There is so much for me to capture up here, particularly when you consider Northland’s beautiful clear air which is ideal for my astrophotographic work”.

Waitangi Treaty Grounds Collections & Public Programmes Coordinator Caitlin Timmer-Arends explains the idea for the exhibition sprang during a meeting with Chris enquiring about taking photos at the Treaty Grounds. “When he showed us one of his amazing photographs, the planning of the exhibition started. It has been a year of hard work, with unreliable weather and night shoots on top of full days of work. People wanting to find out more about Chris’s work and astrophotography should come along on 1st December from 6 to 7pm, when Chris is giving a talk about his work”.

Date(s) - 23/09/2017 - 13/01/2018
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