Hannah Beehre | Mures, et Terram

Saturday December 16, 2017 to Sunday February 18, 2018
Toi Moroki Centre of Contemporary Art, Christchurch

In collaboration with Jonathan Smart Gallery, CoCA presents Mures, et Terram by Christchurch-based artist Hannah Beehre.

This large, seven-panel drawing explores chance as both artistic strategy and subject.
Expressive applications of ink on canvas create the chaotic composition from which mice, frogs and lizards emerge in finely sketched charcoal line. These small creatures are human surrogates created to evoke insecurities such as our to our inability to control life circumstances. Beehre explains:

“I was interested in creating an epic in which motion, chaos and instability were the main drivers. The narratives that surface within the work are based in situation and circumstance, describing actions and responses of those subjected to/overwhelmed by its violent nature . . . it contains for me a very human story of fear, loss and recovery.”

Image: Hannah Beehre, Mures, et Terram, 2016. (detail) Ink and charcoal on canvas. Courtesy of Jonathan Smart Gallery.

Date(s) - 16/12/2017 - 18/02/2018
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