Group Show | An Architecture of Things

Opening Tuesday April 4, 2017
Trish Clark Gallery, Auckland

Stephen Bambury| Los Carpinteros| Jennifer French| Anthony McCall| Kazu Nakagawa| Marie Shannon| Chris Corson-Scott

Trish Clark Gallery is pleased to present An Architecture of Things, an evocative and satisfying mix of moving image, photography, and painting that comes with a sculptural edge, by noted international and New Zealand artists. The works all speak to perception and are united by each one’s mysterious sense of space, internal or external, that confounds ready apprehension. At times nostalgic for an imagined ‘other’ time, at times just downright strange, the whole represents a particular architecture of thought, action, words and images, with the corporeality of the objects reminding us of a framework for the hidden, the uncommonly noticed, in life.

Image: Video still from Marie Shannon’s The Rooms In The House

Date(s) - 04/04/2017 - 22/04/2017
All Day