Georgina Watson and Alexander Laurie | Aggrieved Weaklings

Opening event Friday May 4, from 5.30pm

Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland

burnished sunflower, gourd 
threshed camellia

tenancy trellise’d
potted, enmeshed
in aspirational geometries

security pond, kindergarten
snowflake clock

hoarded armoury, decorative
farmhouse implement
needle of mistletoe
scoured leaf of autumn!

tiny hands furl’d, snake
upwards ensnared
the short rungs
the structures of

*   *   *

Georgina Watson currently lives in Auckland. Recent projects include: Hark, Un-Magazine, Australia, forthcoming, (2018), Anxious Garden, Enjoy Gallery, Wellington (2017), Pack Lite organised by Stella Corkery, NY, LA, Auckland (2017), Decorative Orchards & Mostly I Harvest Each Green Fruit with Regret, Window, Auckland (2016), The World Continues to Infect, St Paul Street Gallery, Auckland (2016)

Alexander Laurie lives and works in Auckland. His recent exhibitions include Calendar, RM Gallery, Auckland (2017), Im- perative, Rockies, Auckland (2016) and Coast FM, Fuzzy Vibes, Auckland (2015).

Date(s) - 04/05/2018 - 25/05/2018
All Day