Emma McIntyre | Pink Square Sways

Opening Thursday November 23, 6-8pm
Exhibition runs from Friday November 24 to Saturday December 23, 2017
Hopkinson Mossman, Auckland

In Emma McIntyre’s paintings simple shapes, patterns, marks, and motifs build into complex surfaces imbued with spatial and psychological depth. In recent paintings, multiple grid structures (lattices, harlequin, chequerboard etc.) appear and disappear, as underlying structures receding into the middle distance, stitched into the canvas itself, and scoured across the topmost layer of paint.

For McIntyre, the grid functions both as a primary organising principle (with references to art history, architecture, craft, and technology) and as a metaphor for a key modality of creative life. Grids create their own network; infinite structures filled with gaps and fissures, but also moments of connection and synchronicity, establishing contact between different registers usually thought of as distinct or discrete.

Image: Emma McIntyre, Grid (black dot), 2017 (detail), oil, spray paint and acrylic on linen, 1600 x 2200mm

Date(s) - 23/11/2017 - 23/12/2017
All Day