Elliot Collins | A Memory of the River

Nathan Homestead, Auckland 

A Memory of the River is the result of the Elliot Collins’ time spent at Kriti Gallery artist in residence programme in Varanasi, India earlier this year, funded through the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

The work explores the subtle and nuanced, often indescribable nature of life by the sacred Ganges. With painting, video and photography, the artist attempts to capture a city and its atmosphere that defies explanation.

While always aware of his exile and otherness, Collins strove to gently capture the ordinary and everyday nature of this indefinable site. A holy place of pilgrimage with its ringing temple bells, chanting parishioners, bathing devotees, twenty-four-hour cremations and the fast-changing embrace of contemporary Indian life.

Nathan Homestead

Date(s) - 09/08/2018 - 22/09/2018
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