Dilohana Lekamge | Amateur Āyurveda

Opening event Wednesday August 15, from 6.00pm

Window Gallery, Auckland 

Sourced from personal accounts, online and academic research Amateur Āyurveda explores Lekamge’s familial and cultural history with Āyurvedic practice – a medicinal practice founded in the Indian subcontinent.

The installation centres around treatments that remedied a family member’s shoulder calcification and other ailments. This involved the use of a lime and salt bath to aid with foot swelling and kizhi treatment (herbal powders wrapped with muslin and tied in a bolus), in order to ease pain in the shoulder.

The videos mimic the warm and dimly-lit images of international Āyurveda Medical Centre brochures whilst acknowledging the challenges of accessing information about Āyurvedic practice from a non-Western lens in Aotearoa. Focusing on herbal and plant-based remedies over chemical remedies, these practices are regularly approached with scepticism because of the introduction of Western medicine and the exoticisation of Eastern cultures. From the perspective of a Sri Lankan diaspora, Lekamge uses performance as a form of personal research to explore how these treatments healed previous generations of her family.

Window Galley

Date(s) - 15/08/2018 - 15/09/2018
All Day