Daniel John Corbett Sanders | After Jack

Opening event Thursday May 17, from 6pm

Window, Auckland

After Jack – Daniel John Corbett Sanders

Time is now measured in damage – Ana Iti

To make each knife my brother first finds a photo of a knife he likes on the internet, he prints off the image and lays it on top of the steel like a sewing pattern. He traces the shape of the blade and cuts it out carefully with a jigsaw.

The handles he cuts out of pieces of recycled timber, first hewn into a rough shape and then weighed by the hand, using brass pegs and glue to attach them.

He gives the knives as gifts. I bring mine home at Christmas and he sharpens it on a whet stone using cooking oil and plastic clips. To test the edge he cuts through a sheet of white A4 paper, slicing ribbons.

Window Galley

Date(s) - 17/05/2018 - 10/06/2018
All Day