Craig Humberstone | The Seashell Flesh

Saturday September 9  to Wednesday September 27, 2017
Artists Talk | Sunday September 17 at 2pm
Depot Artspace, Auckland

The Seashell Flesh is a series of intricate oil paintings on historic slate roof tiles. The tiles once graced the roof of Highwic – the Auckland home of the Buckland family, built in 1862. Sourced from the Penrhyn Slate Quarries in Wales, the tiles arrived in New Zealand as ballast on sailing ships. Recently replaced during renovations, the tiles have been on the Highwic roof for over a hundred years, however, in geological terms, the material is several million years old.

The paintings depict complex natural compositions from the foreshore, mud flats and high tide zones of Butler Bay, Northland. Some subjects will disappear with the next high tide; some will stay for longer drying, dying and decaying, while others will remain for many years.

Craig Humberstone seeks within a detailed, representative style, to document these subjects and situations and the results of these cyclical processes of nature. His thorough documentation freezes that momentum and becomes a visual recovery or extension of these moments in time.



Depot Artspace

Date(s) - 09/09/2017 - 27/09/2017
12:00 am