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Opening event Wednesday June 13, from 5.30pm

Window, Auckland

You’re not a princess you know – Claudia Edwards

The other night my mother and I were talking about the things I do that she finds frustrating. She quips, “There’s a platter of lobster tails for dinner and everybody is eager to help themselves. You happen to be first to the table and pick the largest tail on the plate.” When we argue, I often think the lack of any witness to our dispute is unfair.

Hollywood Ave – Selina Ershadi

Hollywood Ave is a recent film by Selina Ershadi, mirrored by fragments from the text Notes for 3 Women

Hollywood Ave & Notes for 3 Women prefer the multiple over the singular, circling over straight lines, fragmentation over the complete, ambivalence over certainty, the minor over the major. Imitations and the real weave into each other so that eventually the two might merge into one. Walls are knocked down only to be rebuilt and knocked down again. Indeed, the task of telling is itself fractured and interminable; it has multiple beginnings, multiple voices, and thus infinite retellings might only edge the teller/s closer to their story. The kaleidoscope slowly turns, each glass bead dancing around the other.


Date(s) - 13/06/2018 - 08/07/2018
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