Campbell Patterson | Toot Floor

Image: Campbell Patterson, toot floor [detail], 2017, oil and gesso on carpet, courtesy the artist and Michael Lett Gallery

Opens Saturday February 17

Hocken Collections, Dunedin

Drawing on the detritus of his surroundings, Campbell Patterson engages in conscious acts of repetition to document the banality and absurdity of everyday life—causing the ordinary to become abstract. Through the language of film, painting, sculpture, printmaking and text, he translates common materials, or habits, into formalist exercises that meditate on boredom as an aesthetic device.

Campbell Patterson was the 2017 Frances Hodgkins Fellow.

A publication with text and images by Campbell Patterson, designed by Gilbert May and printed on a risograph by POINT will accompany the exhibition, and will be available for purchase from the Hocken and selected stockists.

About the Frances Hodgkins Fellowship

The Frances Hodgkins Fellowship was established by the University of Otago Council in 1962, largely through the efforts of Dunedin philanthropists that contributed funding to support the Fellowship. The Fellowship was intended to ‘encourage artists in the practice and advancement of their art’ by providing them with a studio and a year’s stipend, to aid and encourage painters, sculptors and multi-media artists, while at the same time associating them with the life of the University and fostering an interest in the Arts within the University. It was named after Dunedin-born Frances Hodgkins, one of New Zealand’s most distinguished painters.

Date(s) - 17/02/2018 - 14/04/2018
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