Cait Johnson | Worth Every Minute

Opening event Wednesday August 8, from 5.00pm

Studio One Toi Tu, Studio Space and Side Walk Gallery, Auckland

Dreamer: The girl is in the pool, playing with black snakes that muddy the water. She laughs as they lap around her, slink up her arms. We are in a suburban back garden, wearing swimsuits in pools made of rocks, constructed to look like those that follow waterfalls or line the seafront. There are all kinds of snakes here, we sit in the water with them as if they could not kill. A rope of mandarin and acid yellow curls before us. The more poisonous to the body, the less distinct to the eye: if it weren’t for their neat red stripes, the glass threads turning above our thighs would be imperceptible.

Max Weber: The capitalistic economy of the present day is an immense cosmos into which the individual is born, and which presents itself to them as an unalterable order of things in which they must live.

Framed as a conversation between Cait Johnson’s research and a collection of characters, worth every minute enquires into the bodily, emotional and temporal experience of life in the work society. Marxist-feminist theory, personal observations and dreams are integrated into a pair of two-metre long texts that flicker between the academic and the poetic and surreal. Dissecting waged labour, work discipline and productivism, worth every minute encourages the viewer to question the naturalness or necessity of work as we know it and imagine a different way of being in the world.

Date(s) - 08/08/2018 - 13/09/2018
All Day