Blue Book | Gil Hanly

Opening Wednesday April 19, 2017 at 6pm
Bowerbank Ninow, Auckland

In collaboration with Artspace NZ

Gil Hanly calls her old notebook the “blue book.” In it, Hanly records the chronology of her photographic works, and as such it is a fundamental guide to engaging with her archive. She has a personal, unique and original system for categorizing her photographs, and this exhibition borrows its title from the fundamentally biographical nature of this element of her practice. The blue book serves as an index to Hanly’s photo-boxes, encoding the social interactions that the photographs represent and making them part of an extensive project, the aim of which is the preservation of information. Taken together, the information encoded in the blue book forms a comprehensive document of how politics impacts on individual happiness, tempered by an acceptance and understanding of the human condition and the human consequences of larger socio-political movements.

This exhibition is an attempt to understand her way of thinking, working and operating as a documentarian, focusing on her engagement with Auckland’s social, political and artistic landscape throughout the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s. At the outset, it is important to recognise the sheer scale of Hanly’s project, and the immense amount of material that her boxed archive represents. As such, this exhibition can only serve as an orientation, a first small step into a vast territory and an acknowledgement of the magnitude of Hanly’s practice.

Bowerbank Ninow

Date(s) - 19/04/2017 - 20/05/2017
All Day