Blue and White | Group Show

Northart, Auckland

Artists: Alvin Xiong, Wei Lun Ha, Gavin Chai.
For over a thousand years, porcelain was one of the most universally admired and widely imitated products in the world. Since its invention in the seventh century, it has been a prime vehicle for the assimilation and transmission of culture, artistic symbols, themes, and designs across vast distances. “Blue and white” is one of the classic decorative approaches for Chinese porcelain, being recognised all over the world as a symbol of Chinese culture.

This exhibition shines a light on New Zealand-Chinese artists Wei Lun Ha, Gavin Chai and Alvin Xiong across the wide discipline of paintings, drawings, photography and lightworks. From their lineage of Chinese ancestry and culture, each came to New Zealand at a certain age from three different countries. They not only have a different background, but also hold dissimilar perspectives about contemporary art and transcultural communication. Beyond the knowledge of traditional Chinese aesthetics, their visions on “blue and white” reflect the diversity of values and philosophies in contemporary Chinese a

An artists’ talk will be held at 2pm Sunday 19th August in Gallery 4-5.

Image courtesy of Northart


Date(s) - 06/08/2018 - 26/08/2018
12:00 am