Artists Wanted | Japan Festival Wellington 2018

Japan Festival 2018, is an exciting and quality art event which will be held in Wellington. This is a one-day event, however we are expecting a large number of visitors during the day at TSB Arena. This would be a great opportunity for artists to release their artworks to the public with other artists who also have great potential.

Applications close when quota is met.

Exhibition period: November 24

Venue: TSB Arena

What they are looking for:  A total of approximately ten artists including Japanese residents of New Zealand, New Zealanders, and foreigners, all active in the fields of contemporary art.

Exhibition description: The works displayed at the group exhibition will share the theme: “Japan.” Ten artists who live in New Zealand will exhibit their works, each unique and according to the
artist’s particular style and method of expression, yet sharing one common theme: Japan. A highlight of the exhibition will be Japanese painters’ and sculptors’ works that use delicate, traditional expressions and techniques unique to Japan. These will intrigue the Japan Festival’s visitors who are interested in Japanese culture. In addition, the contemporary artists’ works will allow visitors to catch a candid glimpse of Japan, particularly in regard to the country’s recent development and the social issues concomitant to it. A calligraphy workshop is to take place within the exhibition venue on the 24th, the day of the festival.

Specifications of artworks and exhibition space: An art exhibition booth will be set up in the central part of the first floor lobby of the TSB Arena. Ten pieces of artwork will be displayed in an austere-looking, white, cubic space made by placing partition walls in square-form.

 Two-dimensional piece: 150 x 300 cm maximum or three-dimensional piece 100 x 100 x 100 cm maximum.
*Ceiling hanging of three-dimensional pieces is not available due to the venue.
*If you plan to build larger artwork than this criteria, please let us know.

They are especially looking for: Digital artists, sculptors, ceramic artists and installation artists.

For more information, enquiries and to submit you application contact:

Date(s) - 21/08/2018 - 20/11/2018
All Day