Anna Stichbury | Passage – A Painted Journey

Opening event Tuesday March 20, from 5.30pm

Parnell Gallery, Auckland

In her latest body of work, Anna Stichbury invites the viewer on a journey through vibrant oceans and gilded landscapes. Evolving through bold and intense hues, Stichbury abstracts the traditional landscape, elevating the elements with a golden touch. These large-scale paintings feature the artist’s signature application of various media, resulting in rich textures that draw us into this beautiful realm.

“Most of the pieces have a central point where the landforms part and the colour and pigment is able to navigate its way through to open sea or sky. The paint is on an unpredictable but liberating and colourful journey to meet and mix freely with the mediums of the sky or distant horizon.” – Anna Stichbury

Parnell Gallery

Date(s) - 20/03/2018 - 08/04/2018
All Day