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Samantha Matthews | Roam

Lakiloko Keakea | Fafetu

Flight Path | Don Binney

Headforemost | Stephen Ellis

Selina Woulfe | Memoria

Like A Boss | Group Show

Wayne Youle | Arjar

The Future is Death | Group Show

Charlie Jackson | Queries

Tailblazing | Group Show

Joyce Campbell | THE REEF


Salt | Group Show

Dane Mitchell | Tuning

Christina Pataialii | Debt

Sam Mitchell | Fight Like a Girl

wā o mua | Group Exhibition

Richard Adams | New Land

Michele Bryant | Ambitus

Step Size Zero | James Cousins

Euan Macleod | Painter

Rachel Hirabayashi | Orogeny

ARTWEEK 2018 Volunteers

Hau | Group Exhibtion

Nicola Jackson | The Bloggs

Laura Duffy | Garden of Purity

In the Hand | Group Exhition

Colleen Altagracia | The Slide

Len Lye | Heaven and Earth

The Review | Group Show

Open Call | Depot Gallery

John Vea | Two Recent Works

Gordon Walters | New Vision

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