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ARTSPACE at Cross St. Market

Geophagy | Ruth Watson

Paratene Matchitt | Hui

Kahoa Kakala | Sione Monu

Ground Work | Craig McIntosh

Tony Ogle | Down the Line

Summer | Group Show

Populism | Weston Frizzell

A Christmas Show

Te Wairua | Joanna Tokona

Nigel Brown | I AM, WE ARE

Elliot Collins | Surveyor

Elam Grad Show 2017


ALL ABOARD | Group Show

Gallery/Shop | Group Show

Flying Carpet | Group Show

Wendy Fairclough | Common Ground

Gavin Hipkins | The Domain

Brendon Wilkinson | a loose maths

ARTSPACE at Cross St. Market

Kaitani | curated by Ema Tavola

dEEP ANATOMY | Group Show

Natural Forces | Group Show

Roy Good | Diamond Matrix Series

Ode to Joy | Zoe Feng

Human Era | Group Show

Gary Peters | A Slow Take

Anna Rankin | hail to

Waves | Paul Foote

Vicious Circles | Kirsty Lillico

Michael Zavros | The Silver Fox

KIMSOOJA | Kimsooja

Denys Watkins | DYNAMO HUM

Book Party!

Two Hands Tattoo // Forever

People | Harriet Bright

Frances Hodgkins | People

Rea Burton | Dirty Girl's Daydream

Kristy Gorman | Drawn

A Good Duck | Uma Tuffnell


Sam Hamilton | APPLE PIE

Karl Maughan | Zig-Zag

Dagmar Dyck | un/trained thoughts

Chris Heaphy | The Here and Now

Luise Fong | Interplay

Kumeu Art Awards

Portage Ceramic Awards 2017

Daniel Unverricht | Dominion

Matthew Browne | Sonder

Vie De Pacifique | Pacific Life

Nic Moon | Me : And : With

Town & Country | Judy Smith

Small Show V

MATATAU | Group Show

FREEDOM | Jamie Adamson

Ana Teofilo | O Le Malaga

Korean Ceramics | Group Show

Te Ahi Pūmau | Group show

Harry Culy | Rose Hill

Hamish Coleman | Shot Silk

LEANINGS | handshake4

Nichola Shanley | From Winter

Ex-ante | Group Show

Sacha Lees | Vagrant Mind

Tautua | Pascal Atiga-Bridger

Martin Poppelwell | Index

Andrew Mcleod


Landlines | Juliet Novena

Surface Affect | Group Show

Geometry | Group Show

Bridget Reweti | Irihanga

Handshake 3 | Reflect

Gallery Tour | Senior Moments