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Group Show | Elements

SITUATE | Graduate Show

Exhibition Events | Fāgogo

Aeromancy | Dane Mitchell

Group Show | New Zealand Light

The Flow of Time | Traces

Two Homes | Cathy Williams

Whitelight | Lisa Roet

Tidal Visions | Carl Foster

Group Show | Feast

DIY | Cat Fooks

The Spaces Between | Anne Morris

Nimble Web Workshops

Sacred Mirrors | Sofia Minson

Exhibition | Michael Hall

Matariki | Aroha Gossage

Indelible | Craig Sharp

Fāgogo | Pati Solomona Tyrell

Exhibition | Star Gossage

Exhibition | Artful Frenzy

Exhibition | Jo Dixey

Exhibition | Behold

Real Pictures: Imaging XX

Conor Clarke, Anne Noble, Deborah Rundle | In The Anthropocene

Project Kai

New Works | Nigel Buxton

A Serious Girl | Roberta Thornley

Riverweaver | Jenny Fraser

Translations | Oliver Perkins

Group Show | Game

I Swear | Bruce Barber

Exhibition | Soften

Earthpushers | Jeremy Leatinu'u:

Watching Windows | Andre Hemer

Open Call | Careers Lab

Open Call | Shoes Extravaganza

The Bloggs | Nicola Jackson

In Transit (Arrival) | Yona Lee

Gallery Tour | Senoir Moments

Reassemble | Mark Braunias

Group Show | Under Kaipara Skies